The high end light weight soft shield is designed for confined space use in an airplane, train, metro or narrow corridors and is designed to give maximum protection up to sub machine gun threats and fragments.

The material selection has allowed a higher performance with a lower weight. Weight, supporting legs and stand option and the additional new feature, fastening hook straps, makes the shield perfect for entrance and securing operations. The shield is available in versions for NIJ 0108.01 level IIIA or according to Portable Ballistic Protection for UK Police(2011): PB1-40/SG100: 9 x19mm bullet stopped ≥ 40mm from edge, 12/70 slug stopped ≥ 100mm from edge. This shield also withstands .357 Magnum and .44 Magnum. The shield can be equipped with insert plates (one or two) for protection up to NIJ 0108.01 level IV. The shield is equipped with trauma protection at the handle locations.

The size of the shield is 130 cm x 60 cm, or the folding option 65 cm x 60 cm for an easy transport in the car. The weight of the soft shield is ~6,0 kg NIJ0108.01 IIIA version / ~5,3 kg PB1 version.



The Rigid Shield is designed to give maximum protection up to NIJ 0108.01 level III+AK47MSC threats while affording the user a better degree of visibility by utilizing a 10 cm x 20 cm ballistic glass viewing point.

The handle system is designed for ambidextrous use and the shield is finished with a flame retardant petrol shedding and high abrasion resistant coating with moulded rubber edge protection. The size of the shield is 120 cm x 60 cm and the weight is ~22 kg.



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