Permeable Suits


SARATOGA® protection technologies offer the optimum protection against chemical warfare agents while maintaining operational capability and endurance.

Whether large-volume procurement solutions within the scope of tenders or small-volume special solutions, e.g. for special units, BLÜCHER knows the stringent requirements and expectations of the various user groups and knows how to implement them in the appropriate products.

Soldiers, security forces, special forces, fire brigades, rescue and aid organisations all over the world rely on the comprehensive protection provided by SARATOGA® systems. All forces in the extended civil protection sector in Germany have been using BLÜCHER technology as standard for many years.


User groups are confronted with constantly changing threats and requirements during operations. Also user groups have, despite their diversity, similarly high demands. This constantly challenges BLÜCHER to come up with new developments and innovations:

· Improvement of body protection through material/material combinations with broadband protective features
· Optimisation of wearing physiology, e.g. by reduced weight, design and ensuring air permeability
· Longer lifetime of the products due to high-quality and best processed raw materials
· Consideration of compatibility between CBRN protective clothing and other equipment components