Lightweight Demining Ensemble


The LDE is a modular suit that protects against blast type anti-personnel mines.

  • Lightweight design reduces heat stress and fatigue for a deminer or UXO technician.
  • The modular design can be configured quickly and easily by a deminer in the field depending upon protective requirements.
  • Apron chest plate overlaps the Med-Eng LDH Lightweight Demining Helmet as well as TAC Visors and ARC Visors, for continuous protection over the upper torso, neck and head
  • Retractable groin plate for easier kneeling
  • Trousers include thigh and shin plates for greater protection
  • The standard LDE suit includes an Apron (different from the Med-Eng Demining Apron) and Trousers.
  • Options: To enhance chest and groin protection there are optional Sleeves, a Back Protector and Ballistic Add-Ons.
  • Spare Parts: Med-Eng offers 1st level (field/user repairable) Spare Parts for the LDE so users can replace lost or damaged components in the field. This reduces ‘down time’, keeps a unit operational and reduces administrative costs.