Body Armour

Covert vests are engineered to the thinnest and most flexible requirements whilst still providing the wearer with proven protection following official norms and standards. This allows the wearer to hide the fact that he or she wears a body armour.

Unnoticeable to observers, covert vests frequently make use of Outlast® or Coolmax® fabrics that provide a comfortable temperature over extended periods of use. They are ideal for officers assigned to close protection and/or undercover.


Overt vests are intended to be worn over clothes. They utilise quality outer fabrics and an inner layer of 3D textiles like 3D Spacer fabric.

In addition, accessories are easily available via external and internal pockets. Overt vests are most common among law enforcement officers, military and the security services industry.


Sioen Ballistics and Sioen Military have jointly designed a range of tactical vests designed for combat operations and focus on the ergonomic aspect of wear comfort. Our tactical vests use high-performance outer fabrics and 3D textiles inner layer fabrics. As there are many users and scenarios, the tactical gears are designed to meet the latest features in regards to modularity, easy configuration, quick donning and doffing, durability and most importantly safety. Depending on the style, they can be configured for a variety of load-bearing options and upgraded with additional groin, neck, shoulder, collar, throat, upper arm, leg, belt, pouches etc.

For reaching the most optimal protection level / weight / price ratio, the insert plates are designed in combination with the soft ballistics. All this development is done in-house, to ensure that the products are fully optimized to the different end user needs.



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