ARC Visor Series


Med-Eng ARC Rail Visors provide full facial protection against fragmentation.

The four visors – ARC 250, ARC 450, ARC 550 and ARC 250 BA – are named for their protective capabilities.

  • ARC 550 offers fragmentation protection of up to 550 m/s
  • ARC 450 offers 450 m/s
  • ARC 250 and ARC 250 BA offer 250 m/s.
  • The ARC 250 BA Visor is for use with a Breathing Apparatus

The ARC Visors mount to the ARC Rails on Combat and Tactical helmets easily, quickly and without any tools. An excellent solution for enhancing facial protection to a user’s existing helmet inventory.
Each model has a locking pin to secure the visor in raised and lowered positions during operation or rest periods.
The pin mounts to the left or right side, based on user preference.
Curved to integrate with the Med-Eng TAC 6E protective ensemble.

Includes two (2) Anti-Fog/Anti-Scratch appliqués