Alford Strip

The Alford Strip™ is a high-efficiency tamped strip charge used to split wooden doors and windows, cut laminated glass, and breach uPVC doors. It enables users to use ¼ to ⅓ of the NEQ needed to breach using untamped charges. Alford Strip can be loaded with detcord and/or, for the larger charges, plastic explosives. 

Made as a plastic extrusion, it is filled with an inert water-based gel or clay, which gives enhanced tamping combined with ease of use and minimal fragmentation.

The Alford Strip is provided in two charge sizes; 25mm and 42mm diameter and various lengths up to 1m. The strip can be cut down to the required length using a hacksaw or serrated blade and connected using the supplied corners, T joints and end caps to make breaching frames. Alford Strip can be attached to the target using Breacher’s tape, HydroTape or a prop stick.