Perfect Digital Capture of Travel and Identity Documents

The VSC-PDi captures ultra-high-resolution images of documents under a selection of light sources, storing them together with biometric and embedded data to create a full digital record of the physical document.

Examination-quality digital copies of travel and identity documents can be interrogated on-the-spot or shared across a secure network for remote examination by users of any connected VSC instrument.

A digitised document, captured by via the VSC-PDi, includes all of the information and images that an examiner requires to perform a comprehensive interrogation of a passport or ID card even when no physical copy is present.

Digitised documents may be examined on the spot, shared with other users across a secure network, or added to a local or shared database.

Operated via an intuitive software interface, VSC-PDi one-click examination routines may be configured to capture a series of ultra-high-resolution images under UV, Visible and IR light sources, revealing all levels of security features and exposing any signs of tampering or alteration.

Whilst images are captured, the VSC-PDi simultaneously detects and decodes embedded data (including eChip, biometric and ICAO MRZ data) to create a complete document data file.

Ideal for repetitive inspections, one-click examinations enable operators of all user levels to create perfect digital documents.