For the Expert Analysis of All Questioned Documents

Our most advanced QDE workstation to date, the VSC8000/HS combines sophisticated digital imaging and multi-wavelength illumination technology with a clear and efficient software interface, to provide a complete solution to the examination of all questioned documents.

Cutting-edge examination techniques including, multi-spectral imaging (from UV through the visible to IR); 3D topographical imaging; hyper-spectral imaging; and full-spectrum color analysis; may all be used to authenticate questioned documents, detect evidence of tampering, and to identify counterfeits and frauds.

Designed to meet the requirements of immigration authorities, government agencies, and forensic science laboratories, the VSC8000/HS includes advanced features for the examination, comparison, and authentication of documents including passports and travel documents, official letters and breeder documents, banknotes and cheques, works of art and valuable artifacts through the detection of irregularities.

ID and Travel Documents

Visual examinations of a document under high magnification can quickly reveal physical evidence of tampering while examinations under various wavebands of illumination can expose alterations.

Banknotes & Cheques

The VSC8000 is capable of revealing all levels of security features including covert features such as anti-Stokes inks, latent images, UV security threads, and taggants.

Valuable Artefacts

Non-destructive VSC examination makes it possible to establish the authenticity of an item, detect changes that have been made and to see beneath the surface of an artifact revealing its history.

At the heart of the VSC8000/HS is sophisticated software that maximizes the effectiveness of document examinations by providing the user with complete control of all VSC functions via a quick-access toolbar.