Telescopic Search Kit (TSK)


A convenient and highly effective search kit for ships, vehicles and buildings, supplied in a robust fitted storage case.

The kit contains one CEM/ILL telescopic mirror arm and five interchangeable mirrors.

Each mirror is set in black polypropylene frames with screw fixing studs

  • SMS 38 mm (1.5”)dia. glass/plano 16g (0.56 oz)
  • SML 64 mm (2.5”) dia. glass/plano 32g (1.12 oz)
  • SMR 64 x 114 mm (2.5 x 4.5”) glass/plano 68g (2.4 oz)
  • SMC 140 mm (5.5”) dia. acrylic/convex 127g (4.48 oz)
  • SM5/SS 140 mm (5.5”) dia. acrylic/plano 134g (4.7 oz)

Telescopic Mirror Arm – CEM/ILL

A modern, lightweight design, the 5-section telescopic arm features a non-slip rubberized handle, adjustable mirror head and LED light pod assembly. The light pod is environmentally tested to IP64 standard against dust and water spray ingress.

  • Extended length: 1425mm (56.1in)
  • Closed length: 530mm (20.87in)
  • Handle diameter: 36mm (1.42in)
  • CEM/ILL weight: 510g (1.12lb) (with light pod and batteries)
  • Battery Life: Nominal 7 hours (2 x AAA)