Surface Testing

Drug surface test DrugWipe® F

Drug test for the detection of illegal drugs on surfaces

Drug handling or trafficking leaves traces. DrugWipe F drug test can be used for drug screening on a wide range of surfaces.

Application: Accident and emergency situations, prison services, occupational safety

Results available in: 3-8 minutes

Fast detection of the 5 most common drug groups
cannabis, opiates, cocaine,
amphetamines and methamphetamines (including MDMA, ecstasy)

Features of the surface test

Accurate detection based on immunoassay test principle. Specificity and reliability greater than 95%.
Optimised for all technical surfaces and tested for cross-reactions
User-friendly: Fits in any pocket. Easy sample collection and handling.
Fast results: Clear result within just 3 to 8 minutes max.
DrugWipe F is a highly established rapid test and used worldwide by professionals (e.g. police, customs) – several million tests sold.



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