MVClite is a fully portable fingerprint fuming chamber for the safe and controlled development of latent fingerprints at the crime scene.

Mounted within a rugged weather-proof case, the MVClite retains all the features of a full sized fuming chamber and can be used for the development of latent fingerprints using both cyanoacrylate and PolyCyano UV, the cyanoacrylate/fluorescent stain that eliminates the need for subsequent chemical dyeing.

A fully automated system with safety interlocks and self-contained fume cleansing, the MVClite maintains a safe environment for the rapid visualization of fingerprints on evidence at the crime scene.

Cyanoacrylate fuming is one of the most commonly used methods of developing latent fingerprints on a wide variety of surfaces.

As the cyanoacrylate glue evaporates it reacts with the amino acids, fatty acids and proteins in the fingerprint and the moisture in the air to produce a visible white polymer along the ridges of the fingerprint that can be photographed or further enhanced by dusting with a colored powder or by coating with a fluorescent dye.

Fingerprint fuming using PolyCyano UV in place of cyanoacrylate works in much the same way. However, the material formed along the ridges of the fingerprint is immediately fluorescent under UV illumination without the need for a secondary treatment.