Litter Bins


As a result of the increase in terror attacks in recent years, many authorities have taken the decision to remove litter bins / trash receptacles from public areas amid fears that bins would be used to plant explosives and endanger public safety.
Blast resistant litter bins / trash receptacles are a response to the threat of explosive devices hidden in trash cans located in high traffic public areas such as airports, shopping centres and railway stations.
A standard litter bin / trash receptacle will fragment under blast loading spreading the lethal blast effects further. However, removing litter bins completely only adds to public frustration and a greater cleaning burden. In addition, replacing them with clear plastic bag bins may in some cases offer early identification of an explosive device, but does nothing to keep the public protected should the device detonate.
We have developed bomb proof litter bin / trash receptacle solutions to meet the terrorist threat head-on, as well as providing practical litter collection functionality.  


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