Crime-lite® LASER

For the detection and examination of every last trace of forensic evidence; the new Crime-lite LASER provides intense, ultranarrowband LASER illumination from a truly portable light source.

Available in Blue (447nm) and Green (520nm) wavelengths, the Crime-lite LASER is capable of revealing evidence including latent and treated fingermarks, body fluids, and other invaluable traces of forensic evidence:

  •  Latent & treated fingermarks
  •  Body fluids (incl. blood, saliva, semen etc.)
  •  Accelerants and traces of GSR
  •  Illicit drug residues
  •  Other minute traces of evidence

 Power x Portability
Testament to the skills and experience within our Research and Development team, each Crime-lite LASER combines cutting-edge, patent-pending technology in a truly portable device easily transported to and operated at the crime scene.

Complete End-User Safety
Designed to be the safest handheld forensic laser currently available, a combination of robust safety interlocks protects the end-user from accidental exposure to the laser beam at all times.