Crime-lite® AUTO

The most complete and compact forensics digital camera solution in existence

Crime-lite AUTO: Full-spectrum UV/Vis/IR camera with 55x illumination wavebands

Combining the latest forensic imaging technology with high-intensity multi-spectral illumination, the new Crime-lite AUTO is a complete solution to the search, detection, and capture of evidence

A compact handheld device, with the weight and feel of a pro-grade digital SLR camera, the Crime-lite AUTO can reveal evidence including, body fluids (semen, saliva, and urine, etc.); blood on dark fabrics; fingerprints; gunshot residues; and traces of physical evidence (glass, fibres, hairs, etc.)

Detect & Examine

Performing real-time visible, fluorescent, and infrared examinations, the Crime-lite AUTO can quickly reveal the presence of evidence including body fluids (semen, saliva, sweat, etc.), fingerprints, fragments of bone and tooth, hair, and suspect fibres, etc.

Capture & Share

Optimized for mobile use, to be operated by examiners in full CSI-PPE kit, the compact device further improves the evidence workflow and increases the efficiency of examinations, by allowing video and images to be stored internally or exported to an external device for immediate digital transfer to the forensic laboratory.