Volume= 40 liter

Man pack radios, HARRIS Falcon, field computer, admin material, medical equipment, insert-optics or personal equipment for 24-48 hours

Fits on:
Can be carried in the hand, over shoulder or on the back. Can be fitted to tactical and ballistic vests.


A solid, reliable and versatile backpack for storage and transport of sensitive/delicate equipment.
The backpack can be tailored by the user for radio, first-aid, photo kit/surveillance or technical equipment.
  • The bag has a ventilated back with a plastic plate and an aluminum stay in the back to make it firm, but adaptable.
  • Shoulder pads are made from plastic foam for comfort and even balance of the weight. They have a chest strap and attachment for handset/microphone.
  • The shoulder pads can be stored behind the back plate and you can then use the backpack as a shoulder bag and one side compression strap can then be used as a shoulder strap.
  • The bag is made from hard wearing coated polyamide fabric and a heavy duty zipper.
  • Long heavy duty zipper with long pull strings. The zippers are long to allow the backpack to open all the way.
  • 4 side compression straps are sewn to the backpack.
  • The loose ends of the side compression straps roll up and are secured with Velcro.
  • The bag has two carrying handles, one on the side and one in the top.
  • Main compartment has 2 inside pockets with zippers that are good for first-aid equipment, field work equipment or other technical equipment.
  • The outer pockets are zipped and they each have a zipped elastic mesh pocket inside for the varieties of things you might need to store.
  • The lower pocket is suitable for 15″ field laptop/computer or replenishment/replacement clothing.
  • Modular webbing to mount pouch/pockets for first-aid equipment, holders for radios etc. are placed on the outside of the outside pockets.
  • An optional medical wall can be mounted with straps in the middle of the backpack. The wall remains vertical when the backpack is open.
  • A man pack radio can be secured with two straps close to your back for best weight distribution and balance.
  • Two holes for cables or a tube for the hydration system are placed in the top of the backpack. Access holes for radio or computer cables are placed on each side on the bottom of the backpack.
  • The cable for the radio microphone is put through the access hole in the lower part of the backpack and then the microphone is attaches to the shoulder pad.
  • Owner identification can be written on the Velcro strip.
  • The backpack fits cabin luggage measurements.
  • Please note that the extra inserts showns in some of the pictures are not included.